ImageSocializing or surface talk is one of my least favourite things to do. As an introvert, this is a huge energy drain for me. I would rather speak one on one with a friend, than speak to a crowd of people.

When I first became a Catholic, I wanted to become better acquainted with young adult Catholics, and they with me. I decided to go the weekly Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), events held at Carleton University. They didn’t know me but I needed to know them. Initially, it was my plan to go for six weeks in a row and grudgingly, I got on the bus every Friday evening to join in the scheduled events for that week.

My only aim was for them to remember my face, but what I didn’t expect, was it encouraged my faith to flourish and it taught me that I wasn’t an anomaly. I met others who shared my belief in God, and learned about a Church that I had joined in pure faith. Going each week was painful for me as the Lord did a lot of inner healing in me. Though I didn’t want to admit that it worked,  they in turn remembered my face and name. After five weeks, I stopped going because I had accomplished my goal; getting my foot in the door.

Resisting the Lord has shown me in the past that it is then that I must trust in Him the most. It is then the Lord is able to do the most amazing things through me. When I am at my most vulnerable, it is then that the Lord is the strongest in me.

Exodus 4:10-13

image, public domain


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