You Know What …. There’s More!

During my journey to becoming a Catholic over 14 years ago, the Lord began to heal certain aspects of my ‘old nature,’ which included being my own worst enemy. I wanted to be smart, confident, beautiful, etc. Instead, I felt like an ugly duckling that had just wobbled out of its eggshell with its hair sticking out everywhere. I carried this ‘ugly duckling’ belief around like a badge of honour. For me this aptly described me to a ‘t.’

Bullied throughout school, I was terrified of hanging around people my age. I had dealt with my pain by isolating myself, and building an invisible wall of protection, so no one could hurt me. It didn’t help that I was already very quiet and shy. I kept telling myself they wouldn’t find me very interesting. However, the Lord knew the desires of my heart better than I did because I really did want a friend close in age.


Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt

Then the Lord brought Catherine in my life. She is beautiful with blonde hair, and blue eyes, and is smart, caring and fun. She surprised me by getting my phone number, and showing me that she wanted to get to know me. Through my friendship with her and His spirit, I have become and am becoming the person he always intended.

illustration, public domain(Kate Greenaway)


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