What I Wish I Knew Then …

display_imageCAE2BTBBTwo years ago, I was inspired to write a letter, a birthday letter if you will to a young woman who at the time was just on the cusp of “starting her life.” At the time she was in her last year of high school, and preparing to enter University in September of that year. She is now in her second year (soon her third) and loving it, of which I am not surprised. She has had a good upbringing by her two loving and supportive parents, and I think that goes a long way in getting ready to leave home. Now, the letter I wrote, I am vaguely remembering it because I didn’t keep a copy for myself. But I do remember some key points that I wrote to her:

1. Know who you are, but also know that it will take a lifetime because we are intricate beings. It helps to take care of ourselves when life gets messy.

2. Believe in something.  By believing in something you/we won’t fall for everything, it’s a good way to measure what the world throws at you. Just the simple act of believing in God, and knowing he hears when you speak to him.

3. Never doubt your parents love for you, even though they’ll do things that you think are stupid, and why did you do that, rolling your eyes worthy, etc. Also you will always be their little girl/boy etc. In their minds, they still need take care of you.

This is where things get murky, so this is all ad-lib from here:

4. Let everything you do be authentic. By this I mean if you aren’t real to yourself, odds are you won’t be real to others. You’ll find out who your friends are and who aren’t.

5. Self-care. This encompasses the spiritual, physical, mental, and this takes time to learn, but practice often.

Isn’t it funny how day-to-day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.   -C.S. Lewis





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