Open Your Heart



John’s disciples asked Jesus where He was staying, and He
told them. Obviously, they wanted to get to know Jesus better.
Growing up, I was fortunate to have my Bubi (Hebrew for grandmother) live right beside me. Whenever my sister  and I wanted to visit her, we just climbed over the porch, or through our joined basements, or in the summer, we walked barefoot
across the cool cement backyard from our side to hers.

My curiosity of Bubi encouraged me to visit her often. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Muriel Petegorsky and her family left for Canada in the early 1900’s, to escape the worsening living conditions and persecutions(pogroms) experienced by Ukrainian Jews.

Bubi was a short woman in height, who laughed easily, wore dresses with zippers in the front, and allowed my sister and me to stick our dirty fingers in her Gin and Ginny. My favourite memories of Bubi are of the sights and smells in her house. Beginning in the summer kitchen, the dust danced in the afternoon sunlight, the mixture of mothballs, garlic, cigarette smoke and onions smacking you right in the face. The screen door leading into the kitchen wheezing as I dragged it towards me.

Bubi never had to invite anyone to her place; her house was like a revolving door to my family, and her extended family alike. Like John’s disciples, we don’t need to wait for an invitation from Jesus to join him in reclining and getting to know Him. All we have to do is open our hearts to Him.

The Holy Spirit leads us like a mother. He leads His child by the hand as a sighted person leads a blind person. St. John Vianney









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