He Stands in the Corner


Abruptly, He came into my life and I sat back and stared back at him, and felt a connection that is deep and lingering. His hand drawn simply over his heart told me instinctively that he cared about mine and with that, he drew me deeper into His love. Gentle as he loves, it creates a place in Him that welcomes me whenever I look upon him.608px-Sacred_Heart_of_Jesus_001

He is poor and meek, yet He looks upon me with a love that has me smitten with him. I didn’t notice him right away with the emotion that I look on him now, when he stood in our makeshift chapel, as we waited for our adoration chapel during renovations.

Under no circumstances, did I believe that Jesus could seduce me, but that’s what His Sacred Heart did to me – seduced me in a way that only a lover would know how to lure His beloved. His head bowed; nothing indicating he was pursuing me with his characteristic kindness. His kindness penetrating my lonely heart with a love that fills the emptiness.

Yearning to have a man pursue me has pulled me into ways that are revealing of my need of value, a value of myself, but also of being loved for who I am. Knowing who I am is good through Him, and simply being the Father’s daughter. A role he has groomed me with much patience.

“Come, I am meek and humble.” He says in a soundless voice, but it resonates long after I leave the chapel. ” I long to fill you with my heart’s desire for you.”





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