A sky filled with purple sparkles. The smell of the burnt embers fills the air, and the dampness seeps in through the bundled warmth that you hold onto.

Dug up earth exhales and releases the awe that nature is a discovery that exhumed the existence of life. In this world of wonder, dignity should be guaranteed to aid life forms to stay connected and consequently develop a respect that each has a part to play. An intermingling of ideas is not an option because it leads to decay of their interconnectedness and survival. Life that is vital to us. It is a link that continues all around us but we don’t see it, but it is visible to those who choose to see this connection.

At the end of a conversation, words hang suspended in the silence and what once was lingers; settling in like the smell of cigarette smoke in your hair. Interactions splintered into tiny pieces of nothing hoarded off into the bleak existence of space. Emotions cling to whatever will feed its energy, and give it a place to bleed. Inside of us, emotions wrestle with dominance over us. We are encouraged to go back and continue dipping into the deep reservoir of indulgences given to us. Instead, pulling out what we believe to be ours, or waiting to receive our share.

As time goes on, only snippets of the conversation repeat in your head. The feel of the dampness is hard to recreate, the smell of the felled trees, the earth and the burning embers are tangled in your mind, in your imagination. You question the validity of the situation; it fills the space in your understanding. Feelings become your memories, and sometimes feelings or memories can’t be trusted. We are tainted with incomplete perceptions, clinging to a future that doesn’t always appear.

Feelings are not the truth in a situation, they are your companions on your journey, your compass to navigating through the sea of unknowing. Everything you need is at the shore, your place of remembering of what’s real and logical. While the changes take slowly, sitting on the shore it gives you a chance to take stock of everything, and how it has already changed you, His residue remains in you.


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