Follow Love


Before I gave my heart to Jesus, he asked me to follow him. I didn’t know at the time that it was him that I was hearing. I just heard, Follow Me.

Pretty straight forward.

I have often wondered what Jesus meant by Follow Me – but I suppose it’s as it says, ‘Follow Me.’ Each day as I get up I am continuing to follow him in all that I do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It’s far from perfect, but as time passes, I learn more of where my Shepherd walks.

In the last few months, trust has come up and what it means to me to trust in Jesus. When I listen to someone, normally I listen with my ears, but in the spiritual world, I listen with my heart.  As I listen with my heart, I can hear that he is whispering to me. This isn’t necessarily new to me, it’s just that it’s gone through a time of change, a phase of cocooning, and now it is starting to emerge and I am being filled with His love.

The Shepherd doesn’t walk in a straight line.

Sometimes I notice that following Him has me going in all kinds of directions, all kinds of hopes and desires. As I try to follow him, he is leading me to places that I’ve never thought I would be in. The jack in the box pops up to keep me moving and trusting in a God who reminds me of Where is Waldo?

Litany of Prayer

For a long time, I have felt stilted with and in my prayer life. It was a litany of boredom born out of fear, and trying to stay in a safe, confined and controlled environment. But He gave me permission to move from the shallow end to a place in the water where my feet don’t touch the ground. I’m treading water, a section of transition, where I can seek my bearings.


3 thoughts on “Follow Love

  1. you have touched me. Thank you for your words of grace. Hey I am making a Christian project for YOUTUBE, with my friends, we r raising money for charity. Um for more info please go to my blog. ITs the one that’s say big announcement . Hope to talk soon. From ur friend

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