Ask for what you want and you’ll receive it. Yep. It’s that easy, right?


But what if you have issues with asking because you don’t know if you deserve it, or even if you not sure it’s what He wants for you. This is me in colour. I’ve been thinking about the scripture verse, Matthew 7:7. Ask and you will receive. I struggle with asking – heck! I struggle with knowing what I want sometimes. I don’t want to do the grunt work, the perseverance despite the lack of seeing that yes, I am being heard.

Fear has masterminded most of my struggle with asking. It will be either yes or no, but the little girl in me kept stuffing and stuffing her emotions down, and didn’t know how her requests would be taken. From my past experiences, it was how I was basing my proposed questions. Not hearing what I what I wanted to hear is what scares me. What if it’s all a sham?  I am afraid of that no that is bound to come up time and again. But the fear started showing me situations that I didn’t think I could handle, or at least, the fear was leading me to believe.

Through the years the Lord has taught me to sit through the fear, and in the beginning, it was hard and painful, but I soon learned what it was, that the fear was talking to me, and to my great surprise, they were all lies that I was believing. They had been deeply ingrained in me. It’s part of a relationship to ask questions, to clarify what exactly that means, and to be able to trust and have faith in the particular person. It’s the same way with God, and I would only think back on all the times he has come through for me, I wouldn’t have to look any further.


How can I truly receive when I wary of the Giver who does so when it pleases him? I know that this is an opportunity to trust in him, but first I must realize this and try to practise the wisdom of surrendering all of my doubts of him. Receive the blessings though they may be invisible to me, they are visible through the graces of faith.


The winds of change can come in at will, and twirl you around until you are exactly where He wants you. By asking you are giving yourself  the freedom to seek, to see, if this is that you want, and begin to know His heart for you.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you. Matthew ~7:7



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