Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back




But Lot’s wife behind him looked back and she became a pillar of salt.

 Genesis ~19:26

            If there is wisdom to be had it might be: don’t look back because if you don’t want to become like Lot’s wife, you’ll keep your curiosity in check and keep your eyes to the front –whatever that may be.

My sister and I were only allowed to have treats on Friday and Saturday. I would usually pick an Oh Henry chocolate bar with a carbonated drink – usually a Fresca or some dark cola. My sister was of the chips and licorice persuasion, and she was big on Dr. Pepper. I guess my Mom’s theory was if we were allowed sugary treats on certain days, it would help to keep us on the straight and narrow. Sad to say, it didn’t because my sister and I would sometimes pool our money together after school (through the week) and buy something like Swedish berries or sour keys at the corner store.

So how does this relate to Lot’s wife?

Our culture thinks it’s nothing to disobey the law, and blatantly disregard what God commands us to do. My sister and I thought we were being cute by putting our money together and doing what knew to be behind our Mom’s back. No, we didn’t tell her because we believed we knew how she would react, plus we already had two nights dedicated to eating junk. We thought nothing of going behind our parents back to fill our means to an end. I understand now why my Mom only allowed two days of junk eating, but my sister and I deemed ourselves better equipped to know what was right.

We’re called not to be of this world, and I know for myself how hard this can be sometimes. All the things of the world is crowd around us, squeezing out all the air that seems holy. Discipline is not for the faint of heart, but it’s only when I am going through these kind of struggles that I learn anything. If my life had no bumps then I would be ill-equipped.

Depression has left me with many what ifs and regrets, but I can’t go back to the past and post a redo. I can only try to make choices that aren’t an echo of my youth, and hopefully, it represents who I am and in the process of becoming in the future.


4 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

  1. I’ve been thinking about this recently, as I’ve been assaulted with the newest marketing wrinkle: the count-down to Black Friday.I try my best to avoid the holiday frenzy, and always have wished they could hold off, just a little, but even the grocery stores are filled with Christmas goodies already.

    The solution? To be not of this world, at least to the extent possible. For example: faced with a mailbox filled with catalogs from businesses I’ve never even heard of? I do the only wise thing. I throw them away immediately, into the trash cans provided right next to the mailboxes. It’s freeing, actually, as is my mall moratorium. No shopping malls for me. I can get everything I need at smaller stores, and avoid the chaos.


    • I hear you! I start my Christmas shopping in March or April and I make sure I am done by November, and no malls for me in December. I do baking between October to December (for freshness). Just this last week, I also like going to the craft sales in November, one last Saturday and another this coming Saturday. Have a great week!


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