There’s Always, Always, Always Something To Be Thankful For


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The last couple weeks or so I’ve had some people who have asked me how I am doing, which isn’t new, but normally it’s a quick ‘I’m good.’ There’s not much thought into how I am really. No run down of what I don’t have even though I would like it …. But I have also realized that everything is quiet, I am trying to do what the Lord has asked of me. I am trying to work towards faithfulness in everything.

For over a year or more, I have been aware of my freedom. I don’t know if it’s even a physical feeling, but just the knowledge that I am free. Jesus came to set the captives free. He came because He loves us and in that love is His Mercy which runs through us – if we allow the river to flow through. I am in awe of such a wonderful gift. No pushing away. There’s a tiny smile on my heart because for years, and it didn’t matter where I went I was full of anxiety and fear.

Advent is next Sunday, and I have all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped. I asked my Mom a couple of weekends ago, if she wanted her gifts … of course she refused. We have been discussing what I will make for dessert, who will make the sweet potato fries, and I am hoping there will be gluten-free gravy for the chicken. It’s usually just my Mom and I, and it’s fun to decide what we will eat. Just enough to be satisfied.

At one point or another I have tried to start a gratitude journal or list of sorts in my journal. I discovered that it is better if I allow my heart to reveal what it is grateful for. Sometimes the depth of my thankfulness can’t be written down on paper. Being saturated in His goodness is a peace and a joy filled place, and it doesn’t matter where you find yourself.

Thankfulness are words, but it can also be a way of living, a way to always display the wealth of blessings that has been poured into your life. And not just in words, but from those closest to you, who love you, look out for you and pray for you.



5 thoughts on “There’s Always, Always, Always Something To Be Thankful For

  1. Such a lovely post. It makes me miss my mother. I still laugh when I remember the year we discovered neither of us liked turkey. That was the beginning of pork loin or ham for holidays, and we were both so pleased.

    I just posted about gratitude, too. I’m grateful to have a special day to give thanks — it helps me remember the need for thankfulness all the year through.


    • I read your post about thanksgiving, and even though we’ve already celebrated last month, it was a good reminder of what we even though we think we’ve lost it. Have a safe and happy thanksgiving!


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