Seven Things You Might Reflect on/or Try in the Winter




  1. Clean and treat your winter boots: Maybe this is self-explanatory, but this is something I think that is good for all areas of your life of course minus the boots. Keeping things in good condition so that they last for a long time.


  1. Start gathering everything you will need to do for your taxes: On the weekend, I started freaking out because I didn’t think I have my 2015 taxes, and when I got home, and looked through my past taxes, only to realize no one has their 2015 taxes done!


  1. Cooking soups: This is something that my Mom used to do a lot of. She would make soup, and then freeze them into Ziploc type containers. I make this thick butternut squash soup with coconut milk, and it is very filling!


  1. Eat more root vegetables: This does not apply to you if you live where it is always warm. The idea is don’t eat something out of season, so I am attempting to eat more root vegetables this winter, which means less fruits, but I can’t go without my beloved apples! Oh! don’t forget to consume your greens J to help starve any colds or flu’s.


  1. Practice Smart Hibernating: Yes, this involves staying inside where it is warm, but you also need to go out every day, even if you don’t work. Go for a 30 minute walk. Yes, you might not want to do it, but do it anyways.


  1. Play Catch up: This applies to anything. It could be sleep, cleaning or purging your home. Reading what you said you would during summer vacation. Invite friends or family over, play board games. Get acquainted with the inside of your house.


  1. Count Mondays: It took me a while to catch onto the idea of Groundhog Day, and it’s a useless day because either way it’s going to be six weeks until spring – we hope. But six weeks is a long time. A few years ago, or maybe more, my Mom started telling me how many Mondays until spring. As of right now of this date, there are five more Mondays. Now isn’t that much better than weeks?


I’ll admit it – yes, I had no idea what to write. Looking outside doesn’t inspire me, so I thought I would do a top ten list, but as you can see, I didn’t quite get to ten, maybe next year.


2 thoughts on “Seven Things You Might Reflect on/or Try in the Winter

  1. I love this — and I’m right there with you on so many things. I have nearly all my tax documents gathered, and the ones I don’t have gathered — well, I know exactly where they are. They only need to be organized.

    And, my freezer is full of soup: cream of butternut, white bean with kale, chili. I like soup, too. Since I don’t mind eating the same thing two or three days in a row, soup is great. Sometimes, I’ll do the same soup for lunch for a week. It’s fast, I know it’s nutritious, and it’s far better than anything I could get in a restaurant.

    As for root veggies: I guess sweet potatoes count. And I got some pickled beets at the farmers’ market.

    But I don’t want to count Mondays. Time is flying too quickly. I’m still hoping for some real cold before the “winter’s” over. I haven’t had to bring my plants in once this year. If you have too much cold, feel free to send it down here.

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    • As for cold, it hasn’t really cold here. Not the way it has been in the last few years. All of our roads, streets, sidewalks are bare. I am not complaining. I do, however need more sunshine big time, so maybe if you could spare some light, send us some more! Sweet potatoes are so delicious! I eat them several times a week 🙂 I have a couple of recipes (baking) that call for sweet potato flour. I am going to see if any of the stores in my area sell sweet potato flour and make them!


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