The Governor’s Wife

This is the same idea that I did with The Widow of Zarephath except I imagined what Pilate’s wife thought and felt regarding Jesus. If you’re new or don’t remember reading The Widow of Zarephath just click on the post’s name. Again, let me know if you like it or not.

In the land of Judea,
my husband exerts the power of the Jews.

It is a world I do not understand,
and a place I did not want to choose.
Caesar appointed my husband Governor
of this land, the place.
As his wife, I simply follow.

As a Roman citizen,                                                                                                                  The_dream_of_Pilate's_wife_by_Alphonse_François
I have rights that supersede the Jews,
yet they claim to be waiting for a Messiah,
that will return everything that is rightfully theirs.

Many have come and gone,
saying they are the Messiah,
but none like this one. As a woman, I am not to worry about
decisions that only concern men, such as my husband.
Yet I watch the Jews argue about this man, that
they believe is blasphemies their faith, and
everything they have been taught.

Last night, I woke up dripping in a sweat
from a dream, though; it was more like a
In a place, called Golgotha hung a lifeless body of a
man who wore a crown of thorns on his head.
Flesh hanging and blood running off his body.

Today, my husband is making a decision that he
doesn’t understand because he seeks power,
and not true justice for the Jews.

Hastily, I whisper my dream to my husband;
“Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man,
for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.”
My husband turns to look at me before he stands,
before the Jews waiting for his decision.

His eyes betray the words he speaks to the Jews gathered outside;

“Here is your King.”

As I said in the beginning, I am only the Governor’s wife,
and I am afraid that does not make justice for anyone in
need of a Messiah.

 Alphonse François,1879 – Public Domain,


2 thoughts on “The Governor’s Wife

  1. You really do have a talent for imagining and bringing to life the interior musings of these people. I enjoyed this a great deal. I don’t remember ever — not once — reading any commentary that considered the content of her dream. Usually, the dream is little more than a throw-away line. Very well done.

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