I want to move

Looking for fresh air and a whiff of spring flowers
I want to move past all the slow walking people in front of me.

But I can’t

Blurred images keep me back
it keeps me indecisive.
My space keeps getting smaller and smaller,
but then I remember to take a deep breath
clear the mind,
and remember to take a breath to let the toxic out

Slurring of language blocks my entrance
images flip like a change of lenses do in an
While in  the optometrist’s office.



The surface disintegrates into clarity.


2 thoughts on “Claustrophobic

  1. What a great image. “Is this better? Or this?” Wouldn’t it be great if we could literally do that? Still, clarity comes, now and then. It’s always good when it does.

    Claustrophobic’s exactly the right word, too. After I had my first cataract surgery, I nearly panicked the second day, as my vision became increasingly burry. Once I learned that it was just post-operative swelling, and that it would begin receding in a day or so, it was ok. But it’s true — without vision, the world feels so much smaller.

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